WR Capital Partners, LLC (WRCP) is a partnership focused on investing in small capitalization companies. Our partnership is unique in that we utilize both public and private equity markets as complementary strategies to invest in companies we judge to have attractive enterprise valuations. WRCP's public market strategy is to invest in public companies we judge to be attractive candidates for specific value-creating events including management buyouts, leveraged recapitalizations or other strategic alternatives. Our private equity strategy emphasizes privatizations or recapitalizations of companies in our public portfolio, as well as direct investments in private companies. All private investments are made in cooperation with management and directors of the portfolio company.

Background and Philosophy

WRCP was established and initially funded by former partners of Wesray Capital, one of the premier investors in private equity. Over the past twenty years, Wesray successfully acquired such well-known companies as Avis Rent A Car, Anchor Glass, Gibson Greetings, Six Flags Theme Parks, and Wilson Sporting Goods. WRCP was formed to pursue a uniquely flexible public/private equity investment strategy and to provide a vehicle for accepting external investors.

We place the utmost value on our reputations and relationships with each other, our investors and our management and business partners. We seek businesses with sound business models, managed by industrious, intelligent people we trust and with whom we want to be associated. WRCP's objective is to apply a disciplined approach and achieve strong performance by augmenting management's efforts to enhance and realize the portfolio company's inherent value.

Investment Criteria

WRCP targets companies between $50M and $500M in total enterprise value, but will consider larger transactions which meet our investment criteria. We seek well-run public or private businesses with an attractive relationship between cash flow or net asset base and purchase price. Our strong preference is to work with existing management who are, or desire to become, significant equity owners in their business. The principals of WRCP have successfully invested in and worked with companies and management teams in a broad range of industries over the past decades. Although we typically avoid start-up companies, we will consider turnarounds in select established industries.

Investment Process

The partners of WRCP jointly make all investment decisions and have committed substantial initial capital. Our investment process is streamlined and results in rapid decision making. While we prefer to acquire companies in their entirety, we will also consider privately negotiated minority investments in public companies and investments with other equity partners.

Over the years, we have cultivated an extensive network of resources in the public and private markets with whom we continually consult for industry perspective and expertise, as well as for investment opportunities. In particular, we intend to capitalize on those unique relationships we have developed with a number of experienced small cap value investors.


We are keenly interested in well-reasoned investment opportunities from experienced operating managers and committed investors. If you would like to know more about us or have an opportunity we should consider, please contact us. We promise a quick response and complete confidentiality.

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